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Seek nowIntroducing Seeker 360™ Services

Immersive inspections like you’ve never seen.  

Seeker 360™ Services usher in Seek Now’s immersive inspection experience. They allow you to be on the ground at the inspection site without Adjusters ever having to leave the desk – all while collecting field-level comprehensive data and ground truth.  

A sweeping view of floorplans and layouts with accurate measurements takes you directly into an interactive virtual scan of the insured’s property.  

The output provides robust data and a collaborative inspection environment for real-time context, including an interactive 360° Walkthrough, hi-def photos, and embedded damage and source tags throughout. It’s all captured and organized using our latest tech, the Seeker 360™ Camera.

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How To Leverage Seeker 360 Services  

Solo Inspection

Amplify your Solo Inspections by adding Seeker 360 Services for an in-depth 360° Interior Inspection. Perfect for wind/hail claims with interior leaks and more invasive interior water damage.


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Ladder Assist

Level up your inspection data by including Seeker 360 Services with 360° Interior Inspection on your next Ladder Assist. Perfect for interior water damage associated with wind/hail claims.

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Non-Weather Water Inspection

Stand-alone 360° Interior Inspection service. Perfect for pipe bursts, plumbing leaks, and other invasive interior water damage.

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Interior Inspection

Identify damage stemming from pipe bursts, water backups, ice damming, and more. We provide a detailed findings report with labeled photos.

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Top benefits for Carriers and Adjusters

Reduce Cycle Time

Quick to execute with fast turnaround (usually less than 24 hours from the point of inspection)

Tackle More Claims

Collaborative virtual environment that’s accessible from anywhere


Higher Accuracy and Less Room for Error

98% accurate measurements (only 2% variance)

Superior Data Collection with Premium Deliverables

360° Walkthroughs, hi-def damage photos, embedded damage tagging throughout


Higher Customer (Homeowner) Satisfaction

Faster inspection time plus faster turnaround equals less inconvenience for the homeowner

Compatible with Estimating platforms

ESX and XML friendly  

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