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Interior Inspection Services by Seek Now

Seek nowInterior Inspection

  • Identify damage stemming from pipe bursts, water backups, ice damming, etc.
  • Detailed report findings with labeled photos
    • No adjuster on site
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Our Technology

Seek nowOur Results


50% reduction in cycle time

We have customized workflows and created new scheduling options, cutting our cycle time in half and offering our customers more flexibility and savings.


200+ inspectors

With the addition of over 200 Field Inspectors nationally, we offer quicker turnaround times and increased satisfaction for our customers.


3X leadership

Seek Now has tripled national field leadership over the last 18 months, supporting our contractors and inspection services, with one Field Manager for every 40 Field Inspectors.


V80% wait time

Our new Call Center reduces average wait times from 5+ minutes to less than 60 seconds.

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