Team Green’s Look Back on 2021

January 28, 2022 Seek Now

As the new year gets underway, we wanted to take a minute to look back on all that 2021 had in store for Seek Now. To do this, we needed to ask the people who made it happen. We asked members and leaders of the Seek Now team to recap the past year for us from biggest accomplishments to hopes for 2022.  Here’s what Team Green had to say.

What were your team’s biggest accomplishments last year?

Call Center: “One of our biggest accomplishments this year was streamlining the call center operation and implementing a new workforce management system. Because of this, we’ve been able to reduce the average wait times for callers from 6+ minutes to around 20 seconds. All while stile handling outbound calls to homeowners for scheduling inspections.” – Jason Rosenberger, Director of Process Improvement

Quality Assurance Team: “Some of the biggest accomplishments this year were creating an org chart for our department, providing paths for growth for the members of the team, and overall improving our invoicing process.” – Kayla Elliot, QA Lead Reviewer

IT Operations: “We have worked hard to build out a Help Desk and ticketing system to better serve our fellow Seek Now employees! There are so many wins this year, but a few that specifically stand out are transitioning phone systems, defining processes and procedures, as well as creating and distributing policies company-wide in preparation for obtaining SOCII certification.” – Tiffany Davis, IT Operations Manager

What were some of your team’s proudest moments last year?

Call Center: “A proud moment is seeing several members of my team grow in their learning. Moreover, I am seeing more collaboration between team members as we go along, where team members are helping one another.  I see this as a sign of healthy growth and synergy. I’ve also seen more “Player of the Week” contenders come out of my team than previously and I’m proud of them for that.” – Traci Rosal, Call Center Team Lead

QA Team: “One of the highlights of this year was Amy stepping up into the QA leader role, and the QA department never skipping a beat. We lost a few members of the team, but Amy kept it rolling. Not only that, but she helped the department grow stronger.

Bringing in Mark Adams was also a proud moment for the team. With his help, the QA department implemented a new org chart, and took on some projects that brought big concerns to the forefront.” – MJ Wilson, QA Supervisor 

IT Operations: “One of our proudest moments this year was bringing on new team members, training them, and watching them grow in the IT environment.” – Eric Coble, Cloud Architect

What are your team’s goals for 2022?

Call Center: “Our goals for the new year are to continue to grow the Call Center personnel to keep up with the additional carriers and other customers we take on in the coming year. We also hope to increase training for all Call Center members to improve our efficiency and effectiveness and continue team meetings and one-on-one outreach with team members to stay connected.” – Gary Sampson, Call Center Team Lead

QA Team: “Our goals for the new year are to continually improve quality to save our customers and company time and money.” – Gregory Sheil, QA Lead Reviewer

IT Operations: “We hope to create the best user experience with IT and provide excellent support across the company.” – Jesse Andrews, Tier One Service Desk Analyst

What are your hopes for Seek Now in 2022?

“Growth. Empowerment. Collaboration. The more of all three, the better!” – Jason Rosenberger, Director of Process Improvement

“I hope that the communication between departments continues to be open so that we can all improve our process across the board.” – Kayla Elliot, QA Lead Reviewer

“Continued growth and success.” – Rhonda McElroy, Quality Assurance Supervisor

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