Time Savers & Efficiency Boosts from Seek Now and ITEL

June 17, 2021 Seek Now
Everyone in property claims knows Seek Now is synonymous with expert on-demand inspections and ITEL is synonymous with the science of replacement value for materials. Together, Seek Now and ITEL are synonymous with quick, convenient, and fair.


Seek Now and ITEL have partnered to provide accurate, on-demand shingle pricing – whenever you want it, and only when you want it.  No more collecting samples. No more waiting days for your shingle pricing analysis. There’s a better way, and it’s now available.

Leveraging a robust API integration with ITEL that’s fueled by Seek Now’s proprietary field data collection methodology, every Seek Now roof inspection automatically includes the data and imagery required by ITEL’s independent materials laboratory to price shingles remotely.

Ordering ITEL results can be configured to suit your organization’s needs: auto-order for every eligible inspection OR order only when needed. Even better, because Seek Now collects the ITEL information with every field roof inspection and manual ITEL orders can be placed anytime.

So what’s Seek Now + ITEL mean to you?

  • First, it’s quick. Seek Now clients know us for the professional, reliable inspection services we deliver in hours, and with the ITEL integration, ITEL results can be delivered within 30 minutes of a completed inspection.
  • Secondly, it’s convenient. You don’t need to make a special trip or send a resource out just to collect a shingle sample or information.; Seek Now will collect the required imagery with every inspection.
  • And finally, it’s fair and unbiased. ITEL’s independent laboratory pioneered a better way for adjusters, contractors, and homeowners to receive independent, unbiased materials price and match data, and that information is now embedded in every Seek Now roof inspection.

For more information on this exciting new integration, contact us at info@seek-now.com.