What is #TeamGreenGoesPink?

October 29, 2021 Seek Now

Every year in October, Seek Now swaps its green for pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This initiative, which we’ve called #TeamGreenGoesPink, is completely inspired by our employees and Field Inspectors. It’s a time where our community comes together to spread awareness and raise money for breast cancer research.

Every Friday during the month of November, $1 for every service completed is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That, combined with the donations from our community, will hopefully get us to our $20,000 goal this year.

This cause is especially important to us because some of our very own community members have been affected by breast cancer. One of those members is Customer Finance Specialist, Stephanie Ballard, who has been with Seek Now almost five years.

When asked to share her story Stephanie said, “Five years ago, I got the news that no one expects to get. My annual mammogram came back abnormal. The next week the biopsy results showed my worst fear. Fortunately, due to the 3D mammogram, the cancer was caught very early. A week later, a lumpectomy was performed, followed by 16 radiation treatments. Due to prayers, research, and modern technology, I am here to tell my story. We are blessed to have organizations like Susan G. Komen and others, which allow cancer patients and their families to receive top notch treatment and support.” Stephanie says she encourages all women and men to have yearly screenings.

We are proud to be able to use our platforms to spread awareness and raise money for a cause so close to home. Through #TeamGreenGoesPink we hope to make an impact on the lives of people like Stephanie and their families who are affected by this disease every year. Every photo, every share, every donation matters if it means we’re one step forward to creating a world without breast cancer.

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