Who We Are

Seek Now is creating and leveraging technology to revolutionize multiple property-related industries. Founded in 2012, our foundationally innovative mindset, combined with years of experience, has propelled us to sustained, accelerated growth.

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Catalyzing Technology

Our platform deploys a professional gig-economy workforce of Seekers to capture, translate, and transmit hi-definition data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Leveraging current and emerging capture technologies — machine learning, AI, AR/VR, autonomous flight, and more — we deliver detailed, property-specific, ground truth data verging on real-time.

Self-Motivated Culture

But our technology is only as good as our people, and our people are great. We are self-motivated high-performers, challenging and supporting each other to grow while delivering for our customers. Our family-orientation balances our drive upwards and forwards. We serve all stakeholders with gratitude, whether they are teammates, vendors, customers, or community members.


The combination of our culture and technology allows us to deliver more consistent and detailed data, faster. This combination gives new insights that result in better financial outcomes, better customer experience, better industry standards and better opportunities for our people.

Building a better way to do business

We are reimagining how the information you need is transmitted. Faster, more precisely, and in more places. With our leading-edge technology and connected team across the country, we are able to deliver information to you – and your customers – better than ever before.

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Our Values

Our company is founded on core values that guide our mission and ensure that we remain leaders in claims technology.

  • Visionary and strategic
  • Team of self-starters
  • Lead with humility


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