Seek nowNon-Weather Water Inspection

Perfect for plumbing leaks, burst pipes, ice damming, and other interior water damage.

Seek Now’s Non-Weather Water Inspection empowers you to expand your adjusting capacity, reduce cycle time, and improve customer satisfaction.

Imagine being on the ground at the inspection site without ever visiting in person, and still leveraging full field-level data.

We use 360° image capture to deliver our most comprehensive and collaborative interior inspection experience ever.

Non-Weather Water inspections provide robust virtual data alongside a fully immersive inspection environment for real-time context. Plus, the detailed measurement outputs work directly with your estimating platform such as ESX downloads.

A sweeping view of floorplans and layouts with interactive accurate measurements takes you directly into a 360° Walkthrough of the insured’s property.

Introducing Enhanced Interior Inspections

Why to Choose Seek Now

  • 98% Accurate Measurements (only 2% variance)
  • Quick to Execute with Fast Turnaround
  • High-Def Damage Photos & Source Photos
  • Collaborative Virtual Environment Accessible from Anywhere

What You Get With Non-Weather Water Inspections

  • Standard Seek Now Inspection Report (the one you already love and know!)
  • ESX download
  • 360° Walkthrough
  • High-Def Damage Photos & Source Photos
  • Moisture Meter Readings
  • Premium Floorplan with 2D Draft Including Accurate Measurements for Cabinets, Countertops, and Appliances

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