We create technology to collect ground truth data in real time — faster, more accurately, and at scale.

We started with a mission: supply high-quality, reliable data that is always on time. That meant building tools to ensure that the right person is at the right place at the right time, with the expertise and tools to do the job. And it meant building a unified platform that connects our technology and the tools an organization is already using. Our nationwide network is optimized in real time, producing structured data and key insights for thousands of properties every day.

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Get access to on-the-ground data and analytics from thousands of properties. And put your technology in the hands of inspectors across the country. We’ve built our digital marketplace to integrate with partners that add value for our customers and help our team capture better data, faster.

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Seek nowFocus Areas

Resource routing

We get the right resources to the right places, on demand. For an everyday inspection or a major catastrophe.

Workforce management

We don’t double book. Advanced scheduling tools make it possible to manage our nationwide workforce in real time, standardizing workflows and simplifying decisions.

Data capture

We put the power of AI in every inspector’s back pocket. We capture more data, more efficiently.


We work with the best. From day one, we’ve focused on integrating with industry-standard systems and leading-edge tools.

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Maestro connects every piece of data we collect, forging the fastest path from problem to solution.

Problem-solving at scale.

Seek nowWhat we’re
working on

  • As our workforce grows, we recognized a need to rethink the way we onboard new inspectors.


    We used virtual reality to recreate real-life work experiences, rebuilding our process from the ground up.


    Our VR Academy makes true-to-life training experiences possible before they are necessary. Inspectors no longer have to wait for a hurricane to learn how it affects a house.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning help us turn regular people into superhuman inspectors.

    We’re developing tools to automatically detect objects, materials, damage, and measurements from 2D images — capturing more data than ever before.

  • We work with emerging technologies to make our inspectors safer and more efficient.

    Autonomous drones can be used to gather more geospatial data, more quickly — helping our inspectors understand a property in every dimension.

“I want the expert; I want the best product, and Seek Now is one of those companies.”

Vendor Management Specialist

Best product from the experts

“I am extremely happy with Seek Now and their services. I never use any other competitor. Seek Now is awesome.”

Senior Desk Adjuster

Unparalleled service

“You’re a key partner for us in terms of trying to pivot our inspection model from field based to virtual.  Additionally, Seek Now has been a good partner in terms of rolling out new technology and other advancements that are coming.”

National Commercial Vendor Manager

Key technology partnerships

I first met your team when I was on a CAT deployment and I was impressed. When I returned home I immediately stopped using my other vendor and now all my claims go to Seek Now.”

Desk Adjuster, Top 10 Insurance Company

The best vendor for adjusters

You guys do a great job for us…. I can’t fault you for anything. We’re grateful for what you do and we have a good working relationship.”

Top 15 Insurance Company

Faultless service

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