Seek nowCommercial Underwriting Inspection

Detailed commercial roof inspections by Seek Now

Commercial Underwriting Inspection

We’re experts at safely accessing all roof structures no matter how high and providing a detailed Roof Inspection or providing safe access for the customer representative.

Commercial Roof Inspection Process

1 – Identification of roof type

We document whether the system is:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Roll Roofing
2 – Determination of Damages

We’ll perform a complete inspection identifying damage due to:

  • Hail
  • Deterioration
  • Wind
  • Installation issues
3 – Creation of roof sketch

We’ll create a detailed roof diagram with pertinent details and accessories

4 – Measurements

We’ll produce accurate measurements to add to our detailed sketch.

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