Seek nowDay-to-Day Activities

As a Seek Now Field Inspector, each day brings a unique blend of challenges and opportunities.

As a Seeker, your operation will span a 100-mile radius from your local base.

You’ll conduct thorough and unbiased inspections of residential and commercial properties, delivering precise and comprehensive reports.

Every day can look a little different from the last. Since we offer a wide variety of services, you can expect of variety of tasks to keep your work life interesting.

Some of our most popular services include:

Is This Opportunity Right for You?

To determine if becoming a Seek Now Inspector is right for you, first ask yourself a few questions:

“Do I have a reliable SUV, truck, or van that can safely transport a ladder?”
“Am I comfortable with climbing on and navigating around steep residential roofs?”
“Am I willing to complete a contractor development course prior to beginning work?”

If you didn’t answer “Yes” to each of these questions, you can still apply! But in order to join us as a Seek Now Field Inspector, you must be able to meet these requirements before you can begin work.

Are You Ready to Join Team Green?

Our 1099 Field Inspectors possess both the skills and ambition to assess challenging high roofs and report on ground truth data. Seekers play a pivotal role in supporting Outside and Inside Insurance Adjusters, contributing to Seek Now’s exceptional customer service. All work is remote and hours are flexible.

Our contractor development program – DRIVE Academy -empowers you to take on any type of inspection we offer, from exteriors to interiors and beyond.

Have more questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page!

Frequently Asked Questions

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