Seek nowHow to Become an Inspector

Interested in becoming a Seek Now Field Inspector? Here’s how…

To become a Seek Now inspector, the first thing you will need to do is apply and take a pre-assessment. After the assessment has received a passing score, the recruiting team will be in contact with you for the next steps.

We are looking for contractors who are willing to learn, be flexible, and go the extra mile.

What is the Contractor Development Process?

Our contractor development includes going through our contractor development program. It involves academics and ride-alongs with a mentor. Your mentor will take you with them on their inspections and show you the ropes (…show you how to manage your own operation). This will help give you hands-on experience and give you time to learn from someone who has a lot of practical knowledge in the field.

Essential Functions and Duties

Your operation will involve various physical tasks, such as climbing roofs, handling heavy equipment, and using a 32-foot extension ladder regularly. Responsibilities include sketching and measuring roof or room components, calculating areas, and conducting thorough roof inspections for factors like age, leaks, hail damage, and more.

This career also entails performing property inspections, entering data through proprietary software, and traveling within a 100-mile radius for scheduled inspections, with potential longer trips for weather-related assignments on the CAT team. Commitment to professional and safety standards is crucial, and collaboration with the internal team is expected. Additionally, the role includes addressing customer or client issues and undertaking other assigned duties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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