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We recognize that you may have questions about a career as a Seek Now Field Inspector. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions by other interested individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days/hours are required for a Seek Now Field Inspector?

As a Seek Now Field Inspector, you will provide us with which days and hours you are available to run your operation. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours/days you are required to be available.

How will I know what job assignments I will have for any given day? 

Seek Now Field Inspectors are given a list of job requirements the night prior for days they are available as applicable. This list lets the person know where the job will be and what requirements are associated with the job.

What must I cover and what is reimbursable as a Seek Now Field Inspector?  

You will be responsible for the necessary tools of the trade (vehicle, ladder(s), safety equipment (e.g. Cougar Paws, Steep Assist Devices, etc), branding decal(s), uniforms, chalk, clipboards, etc). Seek Now will cover hotel room charges whenever an inspection requires an overnight stay.

How does Seek Now ensure I complete my assigned jobs satisfactorily? 

From the moment you become a Field Inspector with Seek Now, we are always focused on Quality. Our Contractor Development program guides the Field Inspector through our customers’ requirements and the products/services Seek Now offers. This is accompanied by Quality Reviews for every job performed.

As the Field Inspector activates and runs jobs on their own, they’ll find their operation is quality reviewed at random to ensure ongoing quality product and experience.

How long is Contractor Development and will I be paid while completing it? 

Contractor Development is Seek Now’s method of ensuring consistent start-to-finish quality for all the jobs our customers contract us with. Every Seeker activating with us must go through the process. The process consists of computer-based information and guided walkthroughs with a field mentor.

The time requirements are really based on the aptitude, attitude, and focus a Seek Now Field Inspector puts into it. Some may be done in a couple of weeks, others longer. There is no compensation from Seek Now while going through Contractor Development as you are not yet an activated 1099 contractor with Seek Now until the program is completed.

Can I be a Field Inspector while also being a Roofing Contractor or an Adjuster? 

The short answer is no. Seek Now takes pride in the fact that our inspection services are done without any bias. If there is a link back to a roofing firm or an agency, it brings questions of credibility with our reports and impacts our ability to continue providing jobs for our Field Inspectors.

However, as a 1099 contractor, you can still do other things with your time that are not involved with adjudicating claims and our repair services. We have many Seekers who will plow snow during the winter, or install solar panels over the summer.

What are the travel expectations?

A Seek Now Field Inspector is expected to conduct jobs within a 100-mile radius of their home location. Further, there may be catastrophic events that create a high demand for jobs in a given area. We ask that our inspector network make themselves available to deploy to these areas at least twice a year with each deployment being a minimum of two weeks in length. 

How do I apply for this opportunity?

You can apply by submitting an application via this link.

Have more questions? Get in touch with our talent acquisition team.

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