Seek nowMilitary & Veteran Impact on Seek Now

As a Veteran-friendly organization, Seek Now recognizes and values the unique skills, dedication, and discipline that military veterans bring to the workforce. Our inspectors have a drive to assist our clients, and theirs, with amazing customer service.

Our contractor development program empowers you to take on any type of inspection we offer. You’ll have access to professional certifications, including Haag Engineering Certification, while also working with our contractor development team.

This might be the ideal role for you if you are interested in:

  • Construction
  • Home and Property Inspections
  • Drone and Data Collections
  • Working Outside
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33% of our inspectors are former military/Veterans!


What does the pay look like for a Field Inspector?

Our pay is uncapped, paid weekly, and paid for each inspection completed. Maximize your income with full-time availability, boasting an average annual earnings of $118K. It is easy to make more for those highly available and open to any assignment.

Do I need to stay in the local area to be a Field Inspector?

We have opportunities across CONUS! Whether separating in the local area, or relocating, we have opportunities for you.

Do you have DoD Skillbridge or U.S. Army Skills Program (CSP) opportunities?

We have opportunities across the continental United States! Whether separating in the local area, or relocating, we have opportunities for you.

Do I need to be separated? When can I start?

No you don’t need to be separated, and getting activated is about a 2-3 week process.

Are you interested in joining our team?

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DRIVE Academy for Veterans

The Seek Now DRIVE Academy program is an initiative designed to train field inspectors, offering comprehensive courses covering various aspects of inspection work, from foundational principles to specialized skills. It emphasizes hands-on experience and practical knowledge acquisition through interactive online modules and in-person training sessions, equipping participants with the expertise needed to excel in the field. The program aims to foster a community of skilled professionals who can provide high-quality inspection services across different industries, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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