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September 15, 2021 Seek Now

Adjusters now have the ability to search for a claim number associated with your organization and see the details of that claim in real-time thanks to a new feature on Seek Now’s Scheduling Portal that launched last month.

“As part of the Product Team at Seek Now, we wanted to create a feature within our Adjuster Portal that allows our users to search claims across their organization,” says Michelle Liesinger, Senior Product Owner. "The best part of this new feature is that it is a direct result of feedback from our customers. We continue to listen and deploy new functionality based on user feedback."

This new feature allows adjusters to collaborate on claims within their organization and gain insight into claims that need to be addressed to enhance the customer experience.

Simply click All Inspections in the top navigation bar. Search all claims in your organization by typing the claim number or insured name in the search bar. Gain quick access to the specific claim you need more information about.

Since its launch, the new feature has received nothing but acclaim from adjusters who have found the ease of use and instant access to be immensely beneficial. In fact, an adjuster from one of the nation’s top 5 Insurance Carriers gave us this feedback recently: “The Scheduling Portal you gave us access to has made it a thousand times easier. I have stopped using any other service because Seek Now makes my life easier.”

This new search feature is just one of many developments the Software Innovations Group has been working on, with several innovations yet to come this year.

About the Product Team

The Seek Now Software Innovations Group thrives on developing software that enhances communication and collaboration while keeping customer experience top of mind so our customers can continue to succeed at the highest level.

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